Director Greg Lamberson’s 2015 anatomy-centered horror flick Killer Rack takes a twist on the female body, focusing on a young woman’s implant surgery gone wrong. It’s B-Horror with a punch– or rather, a bite. The film tackles the perpetually relevant topic of body image, pointing out that the bigger the boobs, the more attention you receive, at least in today’s society. Killer Rack received a rating of 7.2 on IMDB, along with a myriad of awards. Besides Best Feature (Scarecon), the film was also named Best Monster (Friday Night Theatre Film Festival) and Best Screenplay (Buffalo Screams and Shock Stock).


The score for Killer Rack was composed by Armand John Petri. Petri’s score for Killer Rack has received a great deal of positive feedback from film festivals in the US and internationally. The most popular song from the film, “Funbags”, was co-written by Petri and Joe Rozler. It has won the award for Best Song at the Fright Night Theatre Film Festival in Hamilton Ontario and at the Zed Fest Film in Hollywood, California. Petri is currently composing music for another horror film, Johnny Gruesome. Brian Kristopowitz stated in his review of Killer Rack that,  “The movie’s soundtrack is also top notch featuring catchy as hell songs that will stick in your head hours after hearing them. A Killer Rack soundtrack CD is something the world needs. Where else are you going to hear the Lloyd Kaufman, who appears in the movie as Betty’s therapist Dr. Foin, sing about “fun bags?”

Watch the official trailer for Killer Rack below!